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2020 - present

New Owner David Townsend Earthwing Skateboards

2020 brought with it unprecedented challenges. COVID-19, the BLM movement, and a controversial U.S. election are the defining events of 2020. A minor, but important event took place in the midst of all of this. Earthwing was handed over to a new owner. We here at Earthwing like to say an 'adoption' took place. Brian Petrie founded Earthwing as a hobby in 1998. He was a passionate skateboarder, fully embedded in skating and engrossed by the potential of it all. He began experimenting with composite decks in the late 90's. His popularity grew and he was able to incorporate in 2005. Running Earthwing to great success, Brian lead the charge in skateboard innovation. With shear passion being his motive, Brian pioneered construction techniques and future forward molds and wheel design. So much of Earthwing's designs landed years ahead of the competition. Nonetheless, Brian kept things affordable and approachable, never buying into the "scene" mentality or pricing out the everyman customer. He kept skateboarding fun. Earthwing was fun and energetic and that was the point. It was never a business in the stereotypical sense. But after 20 years at the helm, Brian's EW began to slow down.

In March 2020 a plan was introduced to pump new life into Earthwing. I began talking with Brian about a realistic transition. I had been skating for 10 years and had watched numerous brands go under or get acquired by profit oriented corporations. After discussing the situation with Brian it was clear that to avoid Earthwing becoming another brand to fade to black, someone would need to step up. Everything was there...Brian and I got along, we had a similar motive, we had the same 'business' values, the manufacturer was near my home, essentials were in place and all I had to do was pull the trigger. I spent the next few months securing capital and organizing a new base in San Diego. By August, I was in a position to purchase Earthwing and make the "Adoption" final. Brian agreed to help out as we transitioned and will always remain invested in EW. He spent so much time and energy forming EW into the incredibly influential and underrated skate company it is. I respect all of Brian's work and will do everything I can to not only preserve what he has established, but to build upon it. I owe it to him, but more, I owe it to the entire skateboard/longboard community. I love skateboarding and am humbled by this opportunity. That all being said, I am doing this for Brian, I am doing this for me and I am doing this for the community. I love this thing and want to see it succeed. I want Brian to know his creation will be taken care of and I want the community to know they will be taken care of. I want to foster the community in the ways I remember when I came into it. I want to give back every penny I feasibly can. I am not doing this for money, I am not doing this for popularity. I am doing this because I love this thing called skateboarding.

Moving forward, here's what you need to know about this next era of Earthwing. It's still about you, the community. As Brian always says, 'you deserve more'. This has never been more true. WE are EW, EW is WE. That's what we are about. Earthwing is not mine, it is ours. Every community member has a say when it comes to Earthwing. We will make what we all want, community input will always be accepted and considered, often invited. When we are in a position to, we will always put money towards events and positive exposure. Efforts will be made to get kids involved in a healthy manner. Support will be given to those who are less fortunate to get to events or buy the fancy new new from wherever. Obviously, this can't happen overnight, and we will need your support to achieve all of these things in time. Nonetheless, Now you Know, this is where our priorities lie. By buying and supporting Earthwing, you can help to make all this possible. You will help to promote skating into the future and help to make the community stronger. This is our journey, not just mine. WE are EW and WE Deserve more!


David Townsend

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