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Blunt 35

Blunt 35


35L x 9W

WB 16.75 (new school mounting)

The Blunt 35 is a Tech Slide oriented double kick with loads of concave and versatility in mind! Built with big boxy tails and names after the iconic blunt slide, this deck gives you that bit of extra room you want from a tech slide board without adding too much weight or unwanted length. Sitting at 35 x 9 it’s not too big for the pool and park but still big enough to tackle a decent sized hill! With Tech slide coming back into trend it’s the perfect time to pick one of these up!

Try it with 169mm trucks (New School Mounting) and the hardest duro soft wheels you can find and you’ll have. Great time slip n sliding your way down the local session spot! Throw some hard wheels and rip the old school style bowls at the park!

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