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Blunt FR

Blunt FR


35L x 9.3W

21.5 - 23.75 WB (new school mounting)

9 Ply Maple


The Blunt FR is the third entry into the Blunt series and serves as the downhill/freeride offering in this series. It has a stiff 9 ply construction and a complex concave designed with higher speed directional freeride in mind. The entire deck features a 2 inch wide flat that runs down the center of the deck. The front foot pocket features a subttle rocker drop that, when combined with the flat middle, create's a ergonomic racing pocket way up over the trucks and a comfortable freeriding pocket set back from the truck by about 2 inches. The idea is that whatever discipline you're after, your front foot will stay planted and wont cramp up from too much concave. The back foot, however, has a massive wheel flare section that takes up 9 out of 35 inces of the deck. The flare is more of a steepening of the concave. It is there to push against when doing toesides and tucking, and to rest behind when sliding heelside. The positioning of the flare will naturally shorten your race/tuck stance and yet feel open enough to move around in when setting up and throwing long standies.

Finally, the kick tail, it's a big steep kicktail meant to be funtional with smaller (65mm or less) wheels. I've loved having kicktails on downhill boards because they are amazing for getting out some of the jitters before the run. Being able to flip the board around and do a manny roll in are key for getting into your groove and setting the tone for your run!!

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