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Chaser 32 (2022)

Chaser 32 (2022)


The Chaser 32 is built to be a functional cruiser in a compact size! Getting around town has been a center point of EW decks - since the beginning we’ve been making sprinters that get you from A to B. The Chaser is one of our newer concepts and is commuting at it’s simplest. A functional shape to maximize usable foot platform, a mild kick to get that bit of pop over cracks, up curbs and around obstacles, and gentle flares too keep your tired feet from shifting during long distances pushes. Finally a sturdy construction to prevent energy loss and keep you grounded.


We made this board for anyone who needs a compact cruiser option with versatility built in!


L 32" x W 8.375"

WB 16" - 18" (old school mounting)

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