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Camino Killer 37 (2022)

Camino Killer 37 (2022)


What do you call a board with the Hell Camino mold but the original Road Killer graphic?? The Camino Killer!! Ok, ok, we know its tacky, but this is a true EW staple! Based on our first prominent free ride single kick! This thing is loaded with features - Rocker, Flares, Mild W, Huge rear kick and a small snubby front kick! It’s a modern do-it-all beast at 9.875” wide and 37” long - ideal with 180mm trucks that make going sideways easy! Crazy to think this style of Earthwing has been one of our most popular choices since 2013!! With amazing calssic artwork and the skate everything functionality, you really can’t go wrong with this deck!


Try it out with 180mm trucks and round lip wheels tackle everything from cruising to mid speed freeride! With a wheelbase at 20.75"-22.75" (new school mounting) you can go from confidently gripping corners to slashing driveways and maybe even dialing in flip tricks!

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