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Paris 50* Truck

Paris 50* Truck


Sold as Per Truck - For a complete order a qty of 2.


Paris Trucks are a staple in the longboard world and have been refining their product over the last 13+ years!


Their V3 is their most versatile and capable truck to date! With the variety of sizes the V3 can take you anywhere from cruising and carving to highspeed downhill and racing! We have trusted Paris trucks time and time again to get us down the hill safely and are stoked to offer them as a more than capable option for all levels of riding!


*NOTE* We currenlty only cary the Paris 50* in the V2 option.


Recomended setups:

For fast freeride and downhill we reccomend the 43* option as it is more stable and offers a bit more lean for better slide control.


For cruising/carving and lower speed freeride we reccomend the 50* option as it is more turn-y and lively at low speeds whille keeping you above the board through turns.


Match the width of your trucks to fit the width of your deck. Below is a loose recomendation as wheel width will impact the total width of your setup. The ideal is for the outside lip of your wheel to be in line with the rail of your deck.


9.75 - 10+" =180mm

9.25 -9.75" =165mm

<9" - 9.25 = 150mm


For further Questions or Reccomendations - dont hesitate to reach out to us!

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