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All products purchased should be inspected right away for any defects.  Look for any inconsistencies such as warping, delamination (separated veneers), or anything of concern.  Any problems must be addressed right away.   If you have an issue with gear, you are protected against any manufacturers defects 30 days from date of purchase from


E-mail with the details. 


Using public social websites to promote any warranty issues before contacting Earthwing will not help your warranty process. If you notice an issue on day one, and wait 31 days to contact Earthwing, warranty will be void. 


If it looks like a possible defect, you need to send it in with a copy of your receipt, warranty is void without one. 


We do not cover any warranty purchased from a third party or un-authorized dealer, like Ebay, or some random dude. 


Earthwing's experienced, and knowledgeable staff will put it through a detailed inspection, and will confirm if it was a defect, normal wear and tear, or abnormal abuse. If the part is defective,  it can be replaced, or refunded. 


Water damage is an obvious issue, and can be spotted easily.  Warranty does not cover water damage.  Broken skateboards due to impact are not considered defective.  If you stomp a trick it's possible to snap a deck, any deck, and that is not covered under warranty. Flatspotted wheels are not considered defective.  Make sure the wheels maintain rotation throughout the slide.  Chips, stress cracks, or separations (minor delams) due to impact on the nose, or tail at 2 MPH, or 40MPH are not considered defects.  Stress cracks in the base ply of a natural maple veneer are not considered defects. Try to avoid moisture, and extreme temperature changes. 


Inspect the deck before you ride.  Warped decks are covered under warranty period of 30 days, so inspect your deck on arrival! All decks are shipped straight.  We suggest keeping bolts snug, and using washers on drop-through decks to help with stress around mounting holes.  Stress cracks in the base veneer will not affect the overall integrity of the deck. 


Warranty is void from 2nd hand purchases. 


If the product was bought at an authorized Earthwing dealer, follow the warranty return policy of that retailer.


Please be aware that any shipping costs involved with returns will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping costs involved in any returned orders, be it domestic, or international are the responsibility of the purchaser, and are non-refundable.


Any unauthorized returned goods, or refused delivery will be charged a 10% re-stocking fee, as well as any shipping charges involved in the return.  


Discounted, and sale items are sold as is, are non refundable, and are not covered under warranty.  We do not accept returns after 15 days from delivery.  We do not accept returns on used parts.  We ship to the address provided, exactly as it was ordered, after that, the responsibility for the product lies in the hands of the carrier.  

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